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Empower Your Legal Knowledge

Our downloadable guides are designed to provide you with essential information and practical advice to help you understand and manage your legal matters effectively.

Property Settlement Readiness Assessment (Worksheet)

fc pdf

Safeguarding You with our essential divorce checklist

Checklist for filing a divorce online

Essential criteria for choosing a family lawyer

Domestic Violence Helpline directories

Financial Planning and Budgeting During the Divorce Process

Checklist for preparing for family court

Template for parenting plan agreements


Checklist for applying for a domestic violence order

How to split assets during divorce without conflict?

Online Programs Designed To Improve Parenting Skills And Family Relationships

Family Relationships Online

Helping families build better relationships

Family Relationships Online offers Australian families comprehensive information on family relationship matters. This government resource is dedicated to strengthening relationships and supporting families through various stages and challenges of life.

Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia provides support to individuals, families, and communities to promote healthy and respectful relationships. This organisation offers counselling, mediation, and educational programs to assist people in navigating personal and relational challenges.

Human Improvement Project

Human Improvement focuses on enhancing individual well-being and personal development through innovative resources and support. Their mission is to empower people to achieve their full potential by promoting mental, physical, and emotional health.

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program )

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program provides practical strategies for parents to manage children’s behaviour and cultivate strong, healthy relationships. This globally recognised program equips families with tools to improve parenting skills and promote positive child development.

Books to read for healthy mindset

Those going through family law issues experience many emotions. It’s vital to protect your mental health during those times. We have found five books to read that will help strengthen your mindset and resolve. With these resources, you can face life’s challenges with confidence.

Useful Guides For Family Law

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