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3 Best Support Groups in Caloundra for Your Wellbeing (Find Your Community)

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3 Best Support Groups in Caloundra (Find Your Community)

Family law matters can be emotionally and physically difficult. People experience loneliness, stress, and other feelings that decrease their quality of life. You don’t need to go through these processes alone. In Caloundra, many resources are available to help you find support groups.

Key takeaways

  • The Caloundra Community Centre provides many social programs and vital services for disadvantaged groups. Their programs can provide opportunities to socialise and make friends.

  • The Caloundra Men’s Shed offers men mutual support through manual work. It offers activities such as metalworking, woodworking, and community projects.

  • Coastal Minds works with children and their families at all stages of development. Coastal Minds’ services can be provided through group sessions to allow children to socialise and gain confidence.

Here are three of our favourite support groups in Caloundra.

1. Caloundra Community Centre

Caloundra Community Centre one of the best support groups in Caloundra

The Caloundra Community Centre provides various services and programs to the local community and disadvantaged groups. The centre offers support services for people experiencing multiple difficulties. Community members can access legal advice and connect with mental health professionals and social programs.

Benefits and services

Free legal advice

Volunteer legal experts are available by appointment for free legal advice. They can assist with family law issues involving divorce, child custody, property settlements, etc.


Professional counsellors can meet with anyone coping with domestic violence or other concerns.

Social groups

The community centre offers various groups and programs during the week. You can participate in an hour of wellness featuring yoga and other activities. Women over 55 can get together for occasions like op shop days and other outings. This can help greatly with forming friendships and working through difficult times.

We’ve created a blog highlighting the 3 best things to do in Caloundra to boost mental health and wellbeing during a divorce. Feel free to check it out!

2. The Caloundra Men’s Shed

Men's Shed - Caloundra

Men’s Shed is an innovative approach to men’s mental health. Many men struggle to accept emotional support. At a Men’s Shed, they can find peer support from like-minded people. This is a different support group because it uses manual arts to help men express themselves and develop coping strategies. As the organisation’s tagline says, “Men don’t talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder”. 

Benefits and services

Manual workmanship

Men will engage in metalworking and woodworking. This creates a sense of accomplishment and removes some of the burden of expressing themselves openly.

Community projects

Men’s Shed members sometimes undertake projects for the community. This could include activities such as making toys for childcare groups. This connects men with their local community.

3. Coastal Minds

Coastal Minds is one of the best support groups in Caloundra

Coastal Minds is a practice operated by psychologist Ana Foix. She provides interventions for children and family members at all stages. Her approach is scientifically evidence-based and client-focused. She utilises proven methods such as cognitive behaviour therapy and applied behaviour analysis to help families through developmental concerns.


Baby and infant service

Ana works with new parents to assist with bonding and introducing a new baby to the family. She assists with sleep patterns and establishing healthy routines.

Children and youth services

Her work with adolescents includes behaviour support, such as managing anger and anxiety issues. She also helps with difficulties around divorce, developing skills such as socialising and fostering positive self-esteem and body image.

Other services

Ana is experienced in working with children living with a disability, causing learning difficulties or other concerns. She has helped children with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder and other neurological disorders.

Group intervention

She can apply her services through group sessions. The benefit of this group participation is the mutual support they offer. Children can use these sessions to develop socially and gain confidence with other group members.


Many people struggle with family law matters. Caloundra’s support systems can help. Going through a divorce, needing help with parenting, or other concerns can be lonely. The local community can help, whether you’re looking for online support groups or want to be in-person. This article aims to help you find the support you need.

If you need advice on a divorce or an annulment, contact our office today.

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