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3 Legal Aid Programs for Low-Income Families in Caloundra (Get the Help You Need)

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Note: This article aims to assist individuals seeking legal aid services only. Please note that Ferrall & Co does not offer legal aid services. We recommend you visit Legal Aid website.

The legal assistance sector is crucial to low-income families needing legal information. This article highlights three legal aid programs available to Caloundra citizens. These services provide critical access to advice and referrals to those facing legal issues.

If you are d/Deaf or hard of hearing, the National Relay Service can assist you with communicating with organisations.

Key Insights

  1. The Suncoast Community Legal Service provides free legal assistance on many aspects of family law.

  2. Their website has toolkits to deliver general advice on family law issues.

  3. Appointments are available weekly from the Caloundra Community Centre.

  4. Suncoast Legal Service can organise referrals to private law firms.

  5. The Caloundra Community Centre hosts free legal advice from partnering organisations.

  6. It offers no-interest loans of up to $1200.

  7. You can speak to a community and social worker about emotional concerns.

  8. Women’s Legal Service Queensland assists women with divorce applications.

  9. They provide community education sessions across Queensland.

  10. They can provide advice on protecting counselling notes in sexual assault cases.

Suncoast Community Legal Service

Suncoast Community Legal Aid Service

The Suncoast Community Legal Service provides free legal assistance services on the Sunshine Coast. The National Association of Community Legal Centres accredits it. It operates with the National Legal Aid commissions to offer the local community advice, information, and education. Its staff and volunteers can assist clients in a range of law fields. They can help with family law issues such as:

  • Mediation

  • Binding Financial Agreements

  • Breaching Orders or Agreements

  • Child Support / Maintenance

  • Divorce

  • Domestic Violence Orders / Protection Orders

  • Grandparents

  • International Child Abduction

  • Parenting

  • Property Settlement

  • Separation

They provide legal toolkits that help visitors access general information regarding their circumstances. However, you can also book an appointment for more tailored advice. The Suncoast Community Legal Service office is located in Maroochydore. However, it provides opportunities for appointments weekly in Caloundra through its outreach program, which operates out of the Caloundra Community Centre. 

You can speak to their friendly staff over the phone. They can help you understand your legal position and the options to further your case. 

The Suncoast Community Legal Service can also organise referrals to experienced law firms. The organisation partners with dozens of reputable law firms across the Sunshine Coast. 

Caloundra Community Centre

Caloundra Community Centre

The Caloundra Community Centre offers various services for low-income families in Caloundra. As mentioned, you can access free legal advice from the Suncoast Community Legal Service. The Caloundra Community Centre provides other services for low-income families with a family law matter.

Financial support

Family law matters can often be financially challenging. Even without the expense of a family lawyer, you may still be facing filing fees and other court costs. The Caloundra Community Centre runs a Non-Interest Loan Scheme that accepts applications for up to $1200. This can offer critical assistance to those facing costly legal proceedings. 

The Caloundra Community Centre also provides food vouchers, pantry items and fresh food from OzHarvest. This can free up finances and make family law matters easier. 

Community support

Family law issues can put a mental and emotional strain on parties experiencing them. If you’re experiencing emotional hardship, you can speak to a community and social worker. 

Women’s Legal Service Queensland

Women’s Legal Service Queensland

The Women’s Legal Service Queensland (WLSQ) provides free legal advice to women. It provides services on various family law issues, including the following.

Divorce Clinic

The WLSQ Divorce Clinic assists women with their divorce application. This includes assistance with serving divorce papers to their former partner.

Priority access is given to women who:

  • Identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander;

  • Are from a culturally or linguistically diverse background;

  • Have a disability.

Community Legal Education

WLSQ holds Community Legal Education (CLE) sessions across Queensland. The sessions include information on areas such as:

  • Divorce and separation

  • Parenting arrangements

  • Property settlement

  • Family dispute resolution

  • Applying for a DVO

  • Domestic and family violence and family law

  • Child protection matters.

Counselling Notes Protect – Sexual Assault

The Counselling Notes Protect (CNP) – Sexual Assault program helps keep counselling notes confidential during sexual assault court proceedings. The program can advise on counselling note protection. It can also sometimes provide court representation to seek this protection.

a woman that is lost and alone


Family law matters can be a significant financial burden. However, legal aid programs in Caloundra are available to help low-income families. If you are struggling financially and need free legal aid, the three services listed here can help.

You can also contact us for a free consultation on your family law issue.

This article aims to assist individuals seeking legal aid services only. Please note that Ferrall & Co does not offer legal aid services. We recommend you visit Legal Aid website.

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