De Facto Couples

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De Facto Couples

If you have been in a relationship where you were not legally married but in all other regards lived together with a partner on a genuine domestic basis, you may be considered a de-facto couple. If you then separate, you may fall within the scope of the Family Law Act and would need to separate your property just as a legally married couple would.
Ferrall & Co. have vast experience when it comes to supporting de facto couples with separating their property in a fair and equitable way. We work with married and de facto couples across separation, property settlement and parenting agreements to help move forward to more positive futures.
De Facto Couples.

Frequently Asked Questions

To confirm your de facto relationship, the Court will consider any or all of the following factors when it assesses your situation:

  • The duration of the relationship;
  • The nature and extent of the common residence;
  • Whether a sexual relationship existed;
  • The degree of financial dependence or interdependence and any arrangement for financial support between the parties;
  • The ownership, use and acquisition of the property of the relationship;
  • The degree of mutual commitment to a shared life;
  • Whether the relationship is or was registered;
  • The care and support of a child or children.

Resolving your property settlement by consent can be both a fast and cost-effective way of finalising your financial relationship with your de-facto partner. We offer fixed fee initial consultations for these types of matters and often offer fixed fee agreements throughout property settlements.

  • Property settlement – De facto couples need to apply to the Court within two years of separation. If the two years has passed and if they have a good reason for missing it, they can apply to the Court to extend the time frame.
  • Parenting matters – There is no limitation period.
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De Facto Couples.

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Aware of the emotional tension that often presents during these times, we work with our clients with the upmost respect, genuine care and expert advice to see matters resolved fairly, quickly and accurately.
For these services we offer fixed fees for initial consultations and can often offer fixed fee agreements to work through your case.
Family Law.

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The best way forward is with Ferrall & Co. With over 15 years’ experience, we’ve got your back.

Family Law

Family legal issues are sensitive and complex, but we can guide you through this time with honesty, integrity and expert advice.


When a married couple’s relationship breaks down due to issues that cannot be resolved, the couple has a right to divorce according to Australian law.

Parenting Orders

Ferrall & Co. are passionate about supporting families and seeing the best outcomes achieved, especially for the children involved in a family separation.


When couples separate, they need to fairly divide their property that they acquired during their relationship. Property in this case doesn’t just mean real estate.

Same Sex Couples

Under the Family Law, same sex couples have the same rights in both de facto relationships and in marriage as heterosexual couples.

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At Ferrall & Co. we aim to create a comfortable, open environment that puts our clients at ease. We offer flexible communication styles including house calls, electronic communication, as well as face-to face meetings over a coffee. If you need honest advice and guidance throughout your legal process, please contact us for an obligation free assessment of your matter.

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