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6 Best Family Lawyers In Caloundra in 2024 (Make the Right Choice for Your Family)

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Even at the best of times, ending a legal marriage is stressful and emotionally challenging. That’s why it’s critical to have effective legal support to assist you through the process. With the lawyer, you can ensure your interests are cared for so you can focus on healing.

This article provides a ranking of the best law firms that can assist you with your legal needs.

  1. Ferrall & Co. Lawyers – Overall Best
  2. Seraphus Solicitors
  3. Alex Mandry Legal Group- Caloundra West
  4. Spire Law
  5. RK Law
  6. DJ Hinton Lawyers

6 Best Family Law Firms

1. Ferrall & Co. Lawyers – Overall Best

Ferrall & Co. Lawyers, based in Caloundra, led by Rowena Ferrall are renowned for their expertise in the Family Law Act and related matters. They provide compassionate and professional guidance through the intricacies of the family law system. Their services encompass divorce, parenting agreements, separation of property assets, and legalities concerning de facto and same-sex couples’ separations.

The team at Ferrall & Co. is dedicated to ensuring clients navigate the Family Court with clarity, aiming for the best possible outcomes. They prioritise honesty, integrity, and expert advice, making them a trusted choice for those seeking assistance in family law in Caloundra.

ferrall & co. lawyers homepage - best family lawyers for divorce


  • Specialised experience in family law matters since 2004.
  • Expertise in handling complex family legalities.
  • A reputation for guiding clients with honesty, integrity, and expert advice.
  • Proven track record of achieving the best possible outcomes in the Federal Circuit and Family Court.
  • Offers obligation-free initial meetings to discuss individual circumstances and goals.

Contact Ferrall & Co. Lawyers to work with you through your divorce. They offer a free 30-minute consultation to prospective clients.

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2. Seraphus Solicitors

Seraphus Solicitors, based in Caloundra, offers unparalleled expertise in family law. This makes them an ideal choice for those navigating the complexities of family law. Recognising the emotional toll of family law proceedings, Seraphus combines a genuine, personalised approach with professional legal services. They ensure clients feel supported throughout the process. Their team excels in areas such as and child custody arrangements.

Beyond traditional legal advice, they adeptly guide clients through mediation, conciliation, and arbitration. They leverage technological advancements to serve clients across Australia. Their commitment to achieving the best outcomes is evident in their compassionate and structured approach. This makes them a trusted partner during challenging times.

seraphus solicitors


  • Recognising the emotional challenges of divorce, Seraphus offers a tailored and sincere approach. They provide structured and practical legal advice to ease the process.
  • Leveraging technological advancements, Seraphus can assist clients across Australia, from Melbourne to Perth. This ensures comprehensive support regardless of location.

3. Alex Mandry Legal Group- Caloundra West

Alex Mandry Legal Group, located in Caloundra West, is a premier choice for those seeking expert family law guidance. Sandra Sinclair, a caring specialist in family law, spearheads the firm. The firm brings over 40 years of experience assisting families through challenging times. Their commitment to clients is evident in their promise to fight hard for the best possible outcomes.

As an accredited mediator, the Alex Mandry Legal Group team offers legal expertise emphasising dispute resolution, aiming for amicable solutions. Choosing them means entrusting your case to a dedicated team prioritising your well-being and future.

alex mandry caloundra west page


  • Led by Sandra Sinclair, a caring specialist with over 40 years of experience in family law, ensuring seasoned guidance.
  • Alex Mandry Legal Group is committed to fighting hard for clients. This ensures the best possible outcomes in family law cases.
  • As an accredited mediator, the firm emphasises amicable dispute resolution. They aim for harmonious solutions in challenging situations.

4. Spire Law

Spire Law is a prominent law firm. With a robust team comprising 14 lawyers, 21 paralegals and support staff, they ensure comprehensive and personalised assistance. They’re present across five convenient locations, including Caloundra and Maroochydore. This allows clients easy accessibility.

Spire Law doesn’t only have vast expertise in family law. They are committed to adding value, fostering growth opportunities, and facilitating new beginnings for their clients. They have an industry-specific approach and a deep understanding of individual needs. This makes them an ideal choice for those seeking expert guidance through the legal process.

spire law homepage


  • With five conveniently located offices, clients can access their services easily.
  • Their tailored and solution-focused approach ensures clients receive personalised advice. This facilitates smoother transitions and new beginnings.

5. RK Law

RK Law recognised for their proactive approach, they are available 24/7. This ensures clients always have a lifeline during their most challenging times.

Clients have praised RK Law for their genuine friendliness, unparalleled experience, and consistent availability. Their commitment to “defend your future” is evident in their comprehensive services. These range from criminal and traffic defence to family law.

This ensures they cater to clients from all walks of life, emphasising their dedication to justice and fairness. They’re here if you need help organising documents like a marriage certificate or proof you’re an Australian citizen.

rk law homepage


  • They are recognised for their genuine friendliness and deep expertise. They ensure clients receive both compassionate and knowledgeable guidance.
  • As a preferred supplier for Legal Aid Queensland on the Sunshine Coast, they cater to diverse clients. This ensures access to quality legal representation for all.

6. DJ Hinton Lawyers

DJ Hinton Lawyers understand that the dissolution of a relationship or marriage can be among life’s most challenging moments. The firm specialises exclusively in family law. They offer both expertise and empathy tailored to each client’s unique situation.

Their comprehensive services encompass divorce, property settlements, spouse maintenance, financial agreements, and children & parenting matters. Their team consists of skilled lawyers and legal professionals. They consistently aim to surpass client expectations.

hinton lawyers homepage


  • Specialised expertise in Family Law, ensuring tailored and informed guidance during challenging times.
  • Comprehensive services covering all aspects. These range from property settlements to children & parenting matters.
  • A dedicated team of professionals committed to exceeding client expectations. They uphold the highest standards in Family Law practice.


Family law can be a complex and challenging, and having the right legal support to guide you through it is essential. We have discussed six family law firms known for their compassionate and effective legal services, each with unique strengths. However, if you’re looking for legal assistance that suits your needs, Ferrall & Co. Lawyers is worth considering.

At Ferrall & Co. Lawyers, we understand that every family law case is unique, and our approach is tailored to meet these diverse needs. Our team is committed to providing practical and empathetic legal assistance, ensuring you’re not just another case number. While we’re proud of our firm’s expertise and track record, we encourage you to explore all options and choose a legal partner that resonates with your personal situation.

Remember, the right legal support can significantly affect your family law matters. We invite you to reach out for a free consultation to experience firsthand the dedicated and personalised service that Ferrall & Co. Lawyers offer. Make an informed choice for your peace of mind and a positive outcome.

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