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How Much Is the Crisis Payment for Domestic Violence? (Steps to Apply)

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How Much Is the Crisis Payment for Domestic Violence?

Victims of domestic and family violence often suffer from financial stress. To mitigate this issue, the government offers crisis payments. What is a crisis payment, and how do you access it?

What is a crisis payment for domestic violence?

A crisis payment is a non-taxable one-off support payment for people in extreme circumstances. One such situation is a person escaping violence. In this case, the funding is given to domestic violence survivors in severe financial hardship.

It’s designed allow them to support themselves financially while getting out of their situation.

How do I apply?

When you’re ready, you can begin the application process. Remember, you must claim payments within seven days of your living arrangements changing due to family and domestic violence. You must have an online Centrelink account attached to your myGov account.

Step 1: Submit application

  1. Enter your Centrelink account through myGov.

  2. Select “payments and claims”, then “claims”, then “make a claim”.

  3. Choose “crisis payments”.

  4. Choose “apply for crisis payment for extreme circumstances”.

  5. Answer the questions.

  6. Submit the claim.

If you’re unable to apply online, you can claim over the phone or through a service centre.

Step 2: Speak with a social worker

Once you’ve submitted your claim, a social worker will contact you to assess you claim. The application won’t proceed if the social worker can’t contact you.

Step 3: Track your claim

Once you submit your application you’ll get a receipt. The receipt will tell you your claim’s ID number, when you can expect it to be completed and a link to track its progress. You can track the claim’s progress through your myGov account.

You can get further guidance from Services Australia here.


To receive this domestic violence payment, you need to meet certain requirements. You must:

  • Have recently experienced family violence.

  • Provide contact information to allow social workers to assess your situation.

  • Be receiving, or be eligible for, an income support payment or ABSTUDY allowance.

  • Be in one of the following living arrangements:

    • Left home and intend to establish a new residence.

    • Staying in your home while the offending family member has been removed.

    • Have been removed from your home and can’t return due to a court order.

  • Have been in Australia when the incident occurred.

  • Be experiencing financial stress.

  • Contact Services Australia within seven days of your living arrangements changing.

crisis claims

How much is the payment?

If you’re experiencing family violence, you can receive up to four payments in a 12 month period. The payment will be equal to a week’s pay at the maximum basic rate of your income support payment or ABSTUDY Living Allowance.

Protecting yourself

When victims decide to leave an abusive relationship, it’s often the most dangerous time. If you decide to apply for a crisis payment, it’s crucial to protect yourself while doing so.

When claiming a payment, it will be recorded in your online account as a crisis payment for an extreme circumstance. You will also be contacted in writing about the claim. If your partner has access to your account or monitors your mail, you may be put at risk.

protecting self for domestice violence

Protect your information

You may need proof of ID documents to access some government services, such as:

  • Driver’s licence

  • Passport

  • Birth certificate

  • Veteran’s card

MyGovID allows you to prove your identity without requiring the physical documents.

Change password and pins. This will prevent other people from accessing your account. If you receive letters regarding the payment at your postal address, you can set a postal address that’s different from your residential address.

You can elect a nominee to receive your payment or the correspondence for your payment. This can be helpful if you don’t have a secure way to receive them personally.


Leaving an abusive relationship puts a domestic violence victim at significant risk. The government provides an escaping violence payment to those experiencing financial difficulty during this time. If you are escaping domestic violence and require financial assistance, you can make a claim through your myGov account.

Feel free to talk with our domestic violence lawyers regarding any family violence concerns.

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