Over the last few decades, both the legal and cultural landscapes have changed greatly when it comes to domestic violence and the way in which convictions and charges are handled across the country and the world.

Domestic violence might have been something that a person could simply sweep under the carpet and hide from. That is no longer the case. As the laws have changed, these types of convictions can no longer be looked past.

For an insight on how these changes affect Australia, here is some important information about how domestic violence is impacting visa laws and why you might need the assistance of family law solicitors on the Sunshine Coast.

  • The facts are that as of 2018, the Australian Government introduced a host of new laws that will stop domestic violence offenders from entering into the country. This also coincides with removing visas of those who are currently holding them but have prior convictions for a domestic violence offence.


  • This new set of laws was introduced in December 2018, and it came into full effect on February 28th, 2019.


  • This should be seen as a clear message that Australia as a country is now operating a zero-tolerance approach to perpetrators of domestic violence, no matter who it is against.


  • The law is set to build upon the existing framework of the Migration Act, which states that the Government has the right to revoke the visa of any foreign ‘guest’ who fails a character test or who has spent in excess of one year in jail.


  • This can only be seen as a positive move forward for the country as a whole, with the core values of Australia very much being that if you have been convicted of a violent crime against women or children in particular, you will not be given the privilege of being able to reside here.


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