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Why Ferrall and Co. Should Be Your First Choice for Legal Help in Caloundra?

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Why Ferrall and Co. Should Be Your First Choice for Legal Help in Caloundra?

At Ferrall and Co., we are dedicated to getting positive outcomes for our clients and their families. We have long been a reliable partner for individuals who need legal help. There are many reasons why Caloundra citizens turn to us for their legal needs.

Our expertise in challenging cases means all clients can feel confident in us no matter how complex their case is. Our transparent fee structure gives clients peace of mind and reduces anxiety. Also, with open communication and an empathetic approach, our clients feel understood and can trust our services.

Key takeaways

  • We’re experienced with complex property settlements that involve in-depth valuations and disclosure issues.

  • We prioritise mediation during conflicts but are experienced with court representation.

  • International custody cases can be complicated, but we can resolve jurisdictional issues.

  • Family violence is a serious issue. Our firm can help you and your family find safety.

  • Our transparent fee structure engenders trust and allows us to form an appropriate legal strategy.

  • Our communication is based on simplifying complex jargon and always being available to answer your questions.

  • Our empathetic approach creates a supportive atmosphere and facilitates better conflict resolution.

Expert legal help in family law

I was concerned as I had her legal aid and had a lot of bad experiences in the past and I had always found it challenging to explain and help professionals understand such a complex case which had large amounts of documentation. I would highly recommend Cherries.

Alira De Palma

At Ferrall and Co., we’re experienced in dealing with complex family law issues. We have represented clients across many different areas.

Check our blog to see the full story of how we help Alira De Palma with her complex legal matters.

Complex property settlements

Property settlements can be challenging to organise if you have a complicated asset pool to divide. Regardless of what you’re dealing with, we can help.

Disclosure and valuation

It’s crucial that both parties fully disclose their financial circumstances. However, sometimes this doesn’t always happen. Assets can be hidden or wasted to prevent their inclusion in the settlement.

We can work with forensic accountants to ensure all assets and liabilities are accounted for. If your former partner has attempted to tamper with the property pool, the Court can apply penalties to protect your entitlement.

Some asset pools are complex. There may be trusts, business partnerships and other difficult financial arrangements. Unique assets like artwork and collectible items can also pose challenges. These assets need to be valued accurately, which requires specialist valuers. We can ensure that complex property pools are handled correctly and fairly.

Dispute resolution

Complex property settlements can lead to disputes. Parties may disagree with valuations or demand a more significant division. Our team is focused on resolving conflicts without the need for litigation. We can facilitate mediation sessions so parties can communicate and find a solution for everyone.

However, sometimes mediation doesn’t resolve the issue. In these cases, taking the matter to court may be necessary. Our lawyers can provide expert legal representation in front of a judge.

Fc - divorce agreement

Challenging child custody cases

Child custody can be a sensitive area. Parents should want what’s best for their children. However, some parenting matters can present challenges.

International custody cases

International custody cases can be very complicated to resolve. It’s not always clear which jurisdiction has authority over the case. We’ve handled such cases before and can help clarify the situation. If applicable, we can approach the Attorney General’s department if the country is a signatory to the Hague Convention.

Family violence

Our legal assistance services can help if there’s a risk of domestic or family violence. We will work with you to secure your safety and the safety of your children. We can organise protection orders to prevent the other party from continuing violent or threatening behaviour. Breaching a protection order is a serious criminal offence.

child custody 3

Transparent fee structure

The fixed fee component made the costs easier to manage too as we weren’t concerned about getting charged every time we needed them.

Trevor Morrison

Our transparent fee structure is a crucial part of how we run our firm. We always want to be open with our clients about financial matters for many reasons.

Trust and reliability

We want you to be able to trust our team and understand we always have your best interests in mind. Being transparent about our fees is a vital part of that relationship. You’ll always know where you stand and will never face unexpected costs. You can then make informed decisions confidently.

Budgeting and case management

When clients know our fee structure, we can set a budget together. This lets us understand what legal strategies will best work for your circumstances. This could mean avoiding costly litigation, opting for alternative dispute resolution, or organising a financial consent order rather than drafting a binding financial agreement.

transparent fee structure

Excellent communication

The whole team was great to work with and explained the legal process in easy-to-understand terms.

Brian Parsons

Ferrall and Co. prides itself on excellent communication with our clients. Here’s how we ensure we always keep our clients informed.

No legal jargon

Family law can involve a lot of complicated legal jargon. If clients don’t understand certain information, they won’t be able to make informed decisions. We ensure our clients fully understand their situation and their options.

We’ll break down any complexities without oversimplifying the process. Understanding their position reduces clients’ anxiety and enables them to face the legal system confidently.

Availability and accessibility

Our team is always available to answer all of our client’s questions. We’ll happily respond quickly and comprehensively whenever you need clarification on a particular point. Whether you need to see us in person, contact us over the phone, or email, we always prioritise clear communication. This helps avoid miscommunication and ensures clients are comfortable with our approach.

a lawyer understanding and connecting with their clients

Empathetic approach

She is a caring lawyer that fights for her clients and she will ensure you get the best possible result.

Kassandra Neilson

We approach every client’s situation with empathy and understanding. This has been a key factor in our success as a family law firm.

Understanding our client’s needs

Going through family law issues is a stressful and emotional time. We focus on a holistic approach to family law. We seek the best legal outcomes while providing a supportive environment. When our clients feel supported, they can make better decisions and trust our team.

Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution can be challenging when emotions are high. It’s important to always consider opportunities for constructive mediation. With an empathetic approach, we can provide mediation that makes both parties feel their views and needs are respected. This helps avoid expensive and stressful litigation, particularly if children are involved.

lawyer discussing about superannuation


We can provide our clients with the best legal representation and advice for several reasons. Our lawyers in Caloundra have unparalleled expertise in family law, no matter how complex the case, ensuring that you receive the highest quality legal help.

We also keep open communication with clients so they can make informed decisions. This extends to our fee structure, which is always clearly discussed. Our empathetic approach provides opportunities for mediation rather than attending court.

Don’t let legal issues stress you out. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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